Our Soy Products

Greenhouse Soy Company is proud to offer soy candles made from non-toxic, natural soy wax. Our candles contain no paraffin, beeswax or petroleum wax.

Important Candle Information

Our Most Popular Scents:

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Iced Cinnamon

The smell of warm, buttery cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven! Who doesn't love this delicious bakery smell?

Celtic Moonspice

Our number one bestseller! Our single best-smelling fragrance, this cozy blend of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg makes a wonderful gift and is popular with all ages.

Rosemary Lav

The smell of freshly crushed rosemary is blended with herbal lavender. More herbal than floral, this is the perfect relaxing candle to help you de-stress.