Thanks for your interest in GSC! Our company was launched in Dayton, Ohio in 2004. Greenhouse
Soy Company is proud to offer soy candles made from non-toxic, natural soy wax. Our candles contain
no paraffin, beeswax or petroleum wax. The candle wicks are made with cotton and paper, they contain
no lead, zinc or metal. We only use the best high-quality, non-diluted fragrances to assure the best and
longest result from each of our soy candles.

We are committed to providing eco-friendly soy candles and tarts that provide luxurious fragrance
while being safe for the environment. Whenever possible, we used recyclable materials and we are
proud that our products were chosen for celebrity gift bags at both the pre-Emmy's and Animal Planet
awards shows.
We realize it's difficult to trust a company enough to order candles online (relying on a description to tell you about the fragrance) and thank you for caring enough to give us a chance! We are here to answer your questions -

We get frequent questions from new customers about which fragrances are the most popular. Our best-selling candles are below:
1) Celtic Moonspice (Traveler Collection)
2) Iced Cinnamon Roll (Nana's Pantry)
3) Rosemary Lavender (Urban Market)
4) Lemon Cheesecake (Nana's Pantry)
5) Sugar Cookie (Nana's Pantry)
6) Love Spell (Seduction Collection)
7) Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper (Urban Market)
8) Nag Champa (Traveler Collection)

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